Dr. Borisenko
Dr. Borisenko

About Car Accidents

A car accident places you in a very difficult situation. You have to take your car to the mechanic, talk with your insurance agent, potentially missing work; all this stress can be overwhelming adn you may forget that you have been injured.

While you are in a hurry to get your life back to normal, make sure to see your chiropractor before you make any major decisions. It often takes several days to feel the aches and pains from an accident. It is called "delayed symptoms onset". After the initial shock is over, there might only be some minor soreness or you may feel nothing at all. Depending on how serious the accident was. Patients are usually saying after car accident, "I thought the pain would go away but now I am in pain."

There could be a number of injuries that a mild stiff neck or back are masking. A car accident is a major event and the trauma that it causes could be significant with far fetching consequences. Your car does not have to be demolished or flip over for you to sustain an injury. It has been shown by researchers like; Kormhauser M. Delta-V thresholds for cervical spine injury.

1996: SEA 960093. Ono K, Kaneoka K, Wittek A, Kajzer J. Cervical injury mechanism based on the analysis of human cervical vertebral motion and head neck torso kinematics during low speed rear impacts., Spine Institute of San Diego and others that many auto accidents at low speeds can still cause significant injuries. You need to let a Doctor trained in diagnosing and treating auto accident's injuries to determine the extent of damage you have sustained.

Do not gamble with your health, do not wait. After all, finding out right away that there is nothing wrong is much better than finding out later that THERE DEFINITELY IS SOMETHING WRONG. Call for appointment today; Kent: (253) 520-7531 and Everett: (425) 322-5307.